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Bill Nye The Degeneracy Guy


Well, if it isn’t everyone’s favorite 90’s nostalgia figure: Bill Nye the Science Guy.

Apparently Bill has gone through some horrific times in the last twenty years or so, seeing that he is now a leading leftist spearheading communist agendas into the hearts of the mindless sheeple public.

Whether it’s climate control, feminism, homosexuality, political correctness or just straight-up degeneracy, Bill Nye is your guy.

You’ve all probably seen the clips, as they will need no explanation. The lack of cleverness in this supposed comedic social commentary is baffling and the force-feeding is ramped up to a whole new level.

The first clip entitled, “My Sex Junk” goes off the charts in terms of degeneracy, promoting bisexualism, homosexuality, lewdness, feminism and promiscuity.

The second clip entitled, “Ice Cream Sexuality” encourages the average, normal straight-white men and women of European descent to enjoy an ‘all natural’ orgy of multiracial mixing.

The depths which have been reached are truly astonishing.


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