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The Unfortunate Trojan Horse


President Donald Trump repeated one of his many catchphrases during his campaign,

“We’re going to drain the swamp!”

Unfortunately for those of us who actually believed that statement were sorely mistaken. Whether the infiltration into Trump’s cabinet was intentional on his part or not, the fact remains that many of the warmongers of America’s political past and present have squeezed their way into the forefront of his administration.

I had remained ever faithful during the inaugural period of Trump’s administration, the honeymoon phase, however there had always been red flags looming in the back of my mind that I had chosen to forget. I, along with many others on the right, were mostly white-knuckling our way through the election process just to have Trump elected over the catastrophic alternative that was Hillary Clinton.

Since his victory however, those same doubts began to resurface within the dark pools of gray matter in my mind. Trump attended AIPAC (as every serious presidential candidate must do) in early 2016 and pledged his unwavering allegiance to the state of Israel. This issue in itself needs its own case-study which I will happily conduct in the near future. Without going too deep into this however, since when has any presidential candidate gone to Greece, or Germany, or Sweden, or Ireland or Montenegro to pledge their dedication to their state and its agendas? It’s never happened and it never will.

Trump’s motto of draining the swamp led us to believe that he may actually do it. This was far from the truth, as even from within his own family, you have Jared Kushner, who is Ivanka Trump’s husband and one of the president’s closest confidants. The strengthening bond between Kushner and the administration along with the sidelining of Steve Bannon ultimately sealed the deal in regards to Trump’s inability to drain a kitchen sink, much rather than the entire infested waters that are the D.C. marshes.

Over and over my subconscious warned me, “Zionist. Trojan. Horse. Zionist. Trojan. Horse.” Endless repeat. Then the strikes on Syria occurred. My fears may have proven to be greater than a case of winner’s paranoia.

We will continue to monitor the Trump administration as further events occur to see if the influence of the pro-Zionist regimes are truly as strong as they are believed to be.


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